Curious About Cremation?

At Just Cremation And Burial, someone at our office is available for your family's support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can help advise you on the various options that are available to you.

This page is intended as a guide to some of our most frequently asked questions about cremation.
Is embalming necessary prior to cremation?
Embalming is not required in the Province of Ontario, but may be necessary under some circumstances.

Is a casket required for cremation?
No. However, if a casket is not used, the crematorium requires that the body be enclosed in a rigid container of combustible material.

How do I know that my loved one's remains will not be mixed with other ashes?
Cremation providers operate under a series of procedures and policies which are designed to provide the highest level of service and reduce the possibility of human error. If you have questions, ask the cremation providers what procedures they use.

Is an urn required to collect ashes after cremation?
No, however a memorial urn is an option. Cemeteries require that remains be buried in a rigid urn. It is our minimum standard at Just Cremation that remains are returned to you in a plastic urn at no additional charge. This plastic urn can be used for burial, scattering or travel.

What options are available for cremated remains?
Cremated remains can be retained by the family, interred in a cemetery, placed in a niche in a columbarium, or scattered on one's own private property or in a specially designated area of the cemetery.

What are my choices if a loved one dies outside of Canada?
When traveling outside the country, consider purchasing travel insurance that will cover the cost of returning a deceased traveler to Canada. The cost to transport the deceased for cremation at home may total several thousand dollars, so you may elect to have cremation undertaken in the country where the person died and return with the cremated remains. In this instance, if you have made a pre-arrangement for your funeral, you would cancel the contract. See below for additional information on cancellations.

How do I travel with cremated remains?
Before undertaking travel, you should acquaint yourself with the laws of the country to which you are traveling. Your funeral provider can assist you with proper documentation. Cremated remains should accompany you as carry-on luggage and should include all appropriate documents. They should never be shipped with checked baggage, which travels in the cargo hold.

Can cremated remains be shipped?
There are couriers who specialize in the proper handling and delivery of cremated remains. They provide guarantees for delivery, secured storage during travel and monitoring en route. Never send cremated remains via mail, as their proper handling and delivery cannot be ensured.

Can I prepay my funeral arrangements?
Yes, pre-payment is an option. Please visit our Pre-Planning page for important information on our pre-planning service.

If I pre-pay for my funeral, can I cancel at a later date or transfer the plans?
Pre-arrangements can be cancelled or transferred to another funeral provider at any time. A letter to request the cancellation or transfer is all that is required.

By law, if the contract meets all of the requirements of the Government Act by which it is governed, and is cancelled after 30 days of the original contract date and before any services or merchandise have been provided, the Provider will refund the amount paid under the contract plus any income earned on the amount paid. If they choose, Providers may retain an additional 10% of the amount paid to a maximum of $350.